Career history:

He started riding motorbike at the age of 4. At the beginning, he participated in club championships before he used 50 and 125 cc motorbikes on Hungarian cups. He became a team member of H-moto team in 2014. In that year in the category of 125 cc in Alpok Adria championship he finished on 2nd place. He participated in Slovakia championship in 2015, where he took part 3 out of 5 races and overall, he came out of the 4th place by the end of the year. He also took part of ADAC Junior cup in 2016 by an RC 390 motorbike and he got 7th place by the end of the year.

In 2017, in the German championship, he was racing on the last two rounds of the pre-race Suzuki Cup and he was fighting for to be in the first three places with a 1000 cc motorbike.’