2018-2019, Round 4

Jassim Al Thani takes already the QSTK Trophy Championship

Young Qatar’s Rider Abdulla Al Qubaisi continues to shine at the Qatar Superstock 600 Championship. Yesterday he broke the lap time record of the championship and today, he clinched again a double victory in the fourth round and now he is only four points behind the leader, Saeed Al Sulaiti.
In the first race, Al Qubaisi crossed the checkered flag in first place with a gap of 8.846 ahead of Mishal Al Nami who finished second. Both riders were fighting in the middle of the race for the win, but Al Qubaisi was stronger and took the victory. Hungarian rider Balint Kovacs was back to the podium as he finished in third place.
In the second lap of first race, Saeed Al Sulaiti had a problem with the gear and he went off to the gravel. He rejoined the race and finished in sixth place overall.
Al Sulaiti knew that he couldn’t miss more points in the second race but again, the victory was for Al Qubaisi. Al Qubaisi took the lead and kept the first place until the end of the race, and gave no chance to Al Sulaiti or Al Naimi to overtake him. Al Sulaiti finished second and Al Naimi third.
In the QSTK Trophy category, Jassim Al Thani clinched again another double win in his category and he secures the championship title in the QSTK Trophy. Mohammad Al Zaidan and Mohammad Al Eidi finished second and third respectively in both podiums.
‘I am very happy with another double win. In the first race, I pushed from the beginning, with Mishal behind me very close during the first five laps, when he overtook me but immediately, after one lap I managed to pass him. I tried to create a gap with him to secure the victory and I did it’ said the winner Al Qubaisi
‘In the second race, it was harder to create the gap as Saeed was there in the first laps, but managed to take the lead until the end of the race and score important points for the standings. Next and final round will be very intensive and I expect a thrilling battle with Saeed for the title’ ended Al Qubaisi
Al Sulaiti is still leading the championship with 173 points but only by 4 points ahead of Al Qubaisi, that has 169 points.
‘Unfortunately, in the first race, in the corner ten of the second lap, I had a problem with the gear and I lose the bike, so I went to the gravel but luckily, I pick up the bike and rejoin the race. At the second race, I knew that Abdulla had the motivation from the beginning to recover the points and try win the championship. I did my best to maintain my leading points, and I did it. Now I am still leading the championship but unfortunately only four points. It is going to be a really tough last round between me and Abdulla’ stated Al Sulaiti.

Mishal Al Naimi, third in the standings with 140, still has some problem with the front of his bike and he is struggling
‘The bike was fantastic, the grip is good but I still have problems with the front, I tried to push hard in the brake but I can’t, I always make a mistake. Today I tried to push to be in the front, but Abdulla is very fast and strong. Let’s see if we can finish the championship with good results and we are faster ‘said Al Naimi.
Qatar’s Jassim Al Thani is very happy with his title win ‘Today I struggled a bit with the timing and the setting of the bike but I managed to take the lead and I pushed hard to finish in good place. I already secured the championship title, so my target for the last round will be to break my lap timing for this season, so next round will be a challenge for me to push harder and wrap up this season with a good timing’ said Al Thani.
Kuwaiti rider, Mohammad Al Zaidan, with today’s results, secures the second place in the QSTK Trophy championship ‘I am happy today with another double podium. Last round I had a problem with the bike because I crashed and mechanics changed the set up, so it was hard to go back again with my best lap time, but now I am improving again step by step and I already secure the second place in the QSTK Trophy, so this is great for me’ Al Zaidan stated after the races.
Mohammad Al Eidi, even he was riding injured, stepped into the podium in both races ‘This round was very competitive but very happy to get a double third place. Two weeks ago I had a dirt bike accident and I have injures in my ribs so it was very painful but thanks God I achieved a double win’ said Al Eidi.

Trophies were presented by Mr. Mr. Khalid Al Remaihi (LCSC General Manager and Vice President) and Mr. Juan Baquero (CEO of LCSC)
The fifth and final round will be on the 29th & 30th March 2019


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